Music for Ballet Grade 2

Simply right click on the piece of music you want and it will then give you the option of saving the file on your computer. Save it in a directory of your choice and then later you can either play it or make a CD from it. You can also put the files in your mp3 player or on your mobile phone if you have the right software to do that. Ipod too I guess!

Please note that we use different dances and reverences for this grade. I have included the current dance if available. "Sweet Shop" Dance for 2012 / 2013 pupils.



Grands Battements Devant

Grands Battements a la seconde

Ronds de jambe a terre

Adage at the barre

Preparation for Sautes

Echappe Releves

Port de Bras

Centre Battements Tendus

Centre Adage Retires

Centre Adage Arabesques


Tour en l'air


Pas de Chat

Petits Jetes

Polka Enchaiment


Echappe Sautes

Dance "The Reel" (Dance used until 2011)

2012 New Dance! "It's "Try before you buy" day in the Old Fashioned Sweetshop!    >>>>>  Do you want the printed music to play at home? Click here! >>>>>  Instructions on how to do the dance!

For some reason, the audio mp3 file is sometimes "skipping" a few microsecends of sound. I have tried re-recording and different compressions but I can not work out why it's doing this. The file works fine on the home computer, but once uploaded to firstarabesque it comes back distorted!!  As soon as I can find a solution I will put a new file in here. However, the recording is okay for practice for now. Anyone know how to fix this?